iPad Pre-Sale Starting Feb. 25 (Thu)?

Repeat after me: This is not a rumor blog, this is not a rumor blog, this is not a rumor blog. However, this is one of those wishful thinking rumors that I couldn’t resist repeating. From appadvice.com…

Rumor: The iPad To Go On Presale Next Week

appadvice’s unnamed reliable source says the pre-order start day is February 25 (this week Thursday). They note two limitations for this pre-sale:

1. The pre-sale will be US only
2. Only the WiFi-only model will be available

I’m planning to buy the low-end $499 WiFi-only model as a kind of “starter edition”. If that works out well, I’ll give some thought to buying one of the 3G models. But, I’m not real keen on the idea of throwing more money at AT&T Wireless.

Say AT&T: What ever happened to that iPhone tethering option?