iPad Pre-Orders Start Soon: I’m Planning to Buy the 16GB $499 Model. What About You?

If the 8:30am Eastern Standard Time Apple iPod pre-order start time is correct, we are less than 5 hours away as I type this blog item. Some reports say that the WiFi-only iPad will be available for pre-order. I’ve read one report that both the WiFi-only models available on April 3 and the 3G model available a month or so after that.

To refresh your memory, here are the prices for the three WiFi-only models:

$499 – 16GB iPad
$599 – 32GB iPad
$699 – 64GB iPad

My current plan is to buy the low-end 16GB model. Here’s my rationale. The iPhone 3G I use has 16GB of storage and it is, generally speaking, plenty of space for my needs. I don’t plan to listen to music or podcasts on the iPad. And, since the iPad doesn’t have a camera, I won’t be taking and storing new photos on it at all. This means that iPad storage will be used for apps, video, ebooks, and system space requirements for mail, browsing, and iWorks mobile documents.

So, 16GB should be more than enough space until Apple lowers the iPad’s price around the end of year just in time for the holiday buying season.

So, are you buying an iPad? Is so, why and which model are you choosing?