IPad Part Deux: Better…Faster…Stronger?

Pardon my excitement, but Apple’s big reveal today (at 1pm ET)with the new and improved iPad will have everyone abuzz. Yes, there were the haters when the iPad 1.0 jumped on the scene. But within months we learned this sleek piece of machinery was fun to play with and, dare I say it, special.

So today, Apple will show us what’s next. If you can’t wait any longer, Gizmodo breaks down the details on how they are expanding and potentially improving the iPad. And Business Insider has what could be some leaked photos.

It should be noted that there are some tech wiz sites that feel you should wait for iPad 10.5 or something of that ilk. But let’s remember how clever Apple is, they of the aerodynamically sound and simple design, speed, and arguable awesomeness. They knew a vast majority of iPhone owners would stick with that device when the iPad dropped. So with the new member of the Apple family we may see an uptick.

Remember my big to-do about Verizon? Imagine the iPad with Verizon capability. Or an iPad that switches back and forth from AT&T and Verizon. Hmmm…we may have something special here!

All we know is this: Apple knows how to work a crowd and get live coverage when they unveil a phone or a laptop. No one else in the biz have that kind of power.

Hope you got your popcorn ready.