iPad Menus Help Sell Wine

Earlier this summer, we reported on a restaurant in Australia that ditched print menus in exchange for iPads, now iPad menus are coming to the U.S.

The New York Times reports: “At Bone’s, Atlanta’s most venerable steakhouse, a clubby place of oak paneling and white tablecloths, the gold-jacketed waiters now greet diners by handing them an iPad. It is loaded with the restaurant’s extensive wine list, holding detailed descriptions and ratings of 1,350 labels.”

The piece goes on to report that the move to use iPads has helped sell wine. From the piece: “And to the astonishment of the restaurant’s owners, wine purchases shot up overnight — they were nearly 11 percent higher per diner in the first two weeks compared with the previous three weeks, with no obvious alternative explanation.”

iPad menus can’t come cheap, but then again, wine pricing can get astronomical, so perhaps this is a smart investment for the restaurant.

What do you think of these menus?