iPad Magazine Sales Plummet: Poor Customer Perception + High Issue Price = Poor Sales

I took a look at iTunes App Store average customer ratings for 13 iPad e-magazines back August and found that:

e-Magazines for iPad Have Miserable Average Rating of 2.27

That is 2.27 out of a possible 5-star rating. The highest rated magazine at that time was Popular Mechanics with a 3.5-star rating. It cost $1.99 at the time. While the initial app purchase is still $1.99, in-app purchases of subsequent issues appears to be double that at $3.99. This may account for the drop in average rating to 2.5 which is near the miserable average for all e-magazine apps.

Is it any wonder then, that we learn this from WWDMedia?

Memo Pad: iPad Magazine Sales Drop

WWDMedia reports that Wired, for example, dropped from average app sales of 31000 each month between July and September down to 22000 in October and 23000 in November. Other iPad magazines also saw significant drops. TheNextWeb and Mashable have their interpretations of these numbers.

What those low iPad magazine sales numbers really mean

Why iPad Magazine Sales Are Not As Bad As They Seem

My interpretation? Poor customer perception (low App Store ratings) combined with a perceived high price ($4.99 per issue) is a deadly combination.