iPad Launch Day Roundup


While all of us at eBookNewser HQ are waiting for our iPad to show up via UPS, our favorite tech blogs are running coverage of the lines at Apple stores and early iPads unboxed. We thought we’d point you toward some of that interesting stuff while we’re all waiting.

As you can see above, Engadget is on hand at the 5th Ave. Apple Store in New York City. They’ve got pictures of the line forming (they estimated about 400 people waiting earlier this morning), and even a live-stream video of folks on the line, which has just started moving.

TUAW has posted a series of unboxing videos and reviews, including the one above. We’ll spare you our unboxing when our iPad comes and cut right to what we do best: examine the eBook apps.

Finally, MacRumors has a little roundup of Apps to download while you wait for your iPad.

Also, a quick look at the results of yesterday’s eBookNewser poll. We asked readers whether they will be getting an iPad today. Just over 50% of respondents said that, no, they would wait to check the device and the response out before considering whether or not to buy. 16% pre-ordered an iPad. 10% are off to an Apple store today to pick up a reserved iPad. 11% say iPads are for fools.

Look for more iPad eBook coverage right here later today. Our iPad should be here any second now…what are you doing while you wait.