iPad Hacker Sentenced to 3 Years

A computer hacker has been sentenced to three years of jail for hacking into AT&T’s database and exposing the email addresses of more than 100,000 iPad owners including New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and film producer Harvey Weinstein.

The Chicago Tribune has the story: “Andrew Auernheimer, 27, had been convicted in November by a Newark, N.J., jury of one count of conspiracy to access AT&T Inc. servers without permission and one count of identity theft.”

Auernheimer’s group, which went under the name Goatse Security, shared the leaked data with the media blog Gawker, which broke the story. Gawker explained how the hackers got in:

Goatse Security obtained its data through a script on AT&T’s website, accessible to anyone on the internet. When provided with an ICC-ID as part of an HTTP request, the script would return the associated email address, in what was apparently intended to be an AJAX-style response within a Web application.