Hardcover Books Converted into iPad Covers & Kindle Covers on Etsy

Want to hide your eReader inside a real book? Two Etsy artists will make you an iPad, Kindle, or other eReader cover out of hardcover books.

Abookisabook has Kindle covers featuring everything from cheesy poetry to Star Wars books. Rookcase will make you an iPad, Kindle, or Nook cover out of odd library books.

Here’s more about the Rod McKuen cover pictured above: “Cover is handmade from a hardback book. The binding is reinforced and lined with fleece. Your e-reader is held in by riveted elastic straps. On the opposite side of the e-reader is an additional strap that can be used to hold a notebook. It also includes a strap attached to the back which wraps around to keep the cover closed securely. All my covers are made from damaged hardback books that can no longer function as readable copies. You can have an awesome cover for your reader without destroying literature!”