iPad Costs $229.35 to Manufacture

The market research firm iSupli has issued a report stating that the basic model of Apple’s iPad (16GB, WiFi) costs $219.25 plus $10 in manufacturing costs to produce. That’s less than half Apple’s proposed $499 retail price for the device. Check out the chart above for details on the costs of various components and the other models.

MacRumors reports the interesting detail that, while the 3G models will cost an extra $130, they will only cost Apple $27.10 more to make.

These kinds of reports are so much fun–they show us the underbelly of tech manufacturing. This report dovetails nicely with another report from earlier this week–more at MacRumors–that Apple execs might be open to lower the price of iPad if demand isn’t sufficient. So, potential iPad buyers, if you want to buy you’re iPad for cheap, just don’t buy your iPad till Apple cuts the price.