iPad, CNNMoney, paper.li: Tablet Influence on Design

paidContent reports on how the CNNMOney desktop website was redesigned for desktop browsing but influenced by tablet experience.

CNN Money Redesign Mimics Tablet Experience

Looking at CNNMoney.com, I can see the “flat” look that we’ve come to associate with some apps and websites designed for use with the iPad. However, it looks even more like the paper.li personalized newspapers built from linked tweeted by the people an individual follows. You can see what my paper.li page looked on May 11 below.

Of course, what we are probably seeing is not so much CNNMoney emulating paper.li but the multiple sources of design influence for all levels of presentation. As the U.S. moves towards data capped networks, we should see another round of redesign aimed at reducing the size of individual web pages to reduce the impact of data caps.

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