iPad Cases Get Thumbs Up from eBN Readers

Yesterday we asked readers if they planning on carrying their iPads around with them. The question arose in response to a couple of reviews of iPad cases. Overwhelmingly, readers said they would be taking (at least one) of the iPads with them wherever they went, necessitating a case, plus they came up with some other pretty cool uses for the iPad that perhaps Apple didn’t intend.

Reader “wdonohue” wrote that he or she “Bought a Tom Bihn Ristretto bag specifically to carry my iPad around. I ordered a 3G version to dodge our IT department’s social media lock-out. It’s also going to conferences & conventions with me.” Very smart thinking on dodging those corporate Internet blockades.

eBook developer and reader “swensonia” wrote, “I plan on using it for all of the uses you’ve mentioned. I will be using a 3G version for professional purposes, and will have the lowest-end version for home use. I look forward to seeing how my kids (10 and 6) will use it.” Presumably, this means a case for the 3G and some no-feeding-the-iPad-to-the-dog rules for the Wifi version.

Blogger Mike Cane responded that he plans “to drag that sucker along with me everywhere.” But, on his blog, he promises “to torment my iPad,” so whether that means he’ll be buying a case or doing exactly the opposite remains to be seen.