iPad and Me: Sarah Weinman

eBookNewser polled a bunch of publishing and book people about yesterday’s Apple iPad announcement. It’s getting mixed responses, but everyone, it seems, has something to say.

Book columnist and blogger Sarah Weinman likes the iPad, but thinks we need to wait a while to gauge whether it will fulfill publishers’ hopes. Here’s what she told eBooknewser:

“Now that a few hours have passed, I’m feeling somewhat neutral about the iPad. It definitely has a lot of potential to make e-books and digital reading a snazzier, more colorful experience than you’d ever get on a Kindle, but I also think it’s too early to tell if it will live up to the excitement publishers have expressed to date. I guess the best answer is – let’s see what happens six months to a year from the March/April launch date, when the price drops a couple of hundred bucks across the board (as with the iPhone’s first generation back in 2007) and there’s some bona fide data about how many iBooks version of e-books sell relative to Kindle books.”