iPad and Me: Maud Newton

eBookNewser polled a bunch of publishing and book people about yesterday’s Apple iPad announcement. It’s getting mixed responses, but everyone, it seems, has something to say.

Blogger Maud Newton will be buying an iPad. She’s excited and thinks it helps democratize eReading. Here’s what she told eBookNewser:

“I can’t help it, I’m excited about iPad. To me, dedicated e-readers like the Kindle make books seem rarefied and inaccessible, whereas popular multi-functional devices like iPhone–and, soon, in larger format, iPad–make ebooks available to millions of potential readers, who can purchase what they want, here and there. iBook borrows some of the best design elements of iPhone’s Classics app: the bookshelf, page-turning. (I read all of Robinson Crusoe on Classics.) Now if they’d just lose DRM and figure out how to keep the machine from getting hot (something I never have to worry about with my paperbacks)…”

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