iPad-Age Journalism Will Need Specialists

Technology may be changing rapidly, but the need for journalists with specialized skills in one medium has not. That’s the conclusion reached by journalist professor Leonard Witt after reviewing some demos of magazines’ iPad apps. Witt revisited some advice he doled out three years ago and found that it holds up despite new directions in media.

It is obvious from watching the Esquire and Time Magazine demos below that high quality design, writing, photography and video will win the day. The iTablets provide a fantastic showcase for first-rate talent — and that talent will be in demand. Yes, the majority of jobs will be there for the one-person-band reporter a la Patch.com, but that does not mean that the perfectionist, the best of the best will no longer have a place on the nonfiction journalism continuum.

Warning: The accompanying videos are likely to aggravate your craving for an iPad if you don’t already have one. Proceed with caution. Sweet, sweet eye candy.