iPad 3 Not Coming Until Next Year

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on several rumors about the iPad 3. If the rumors turn out to be true then they will dash the hopes of anyone who hoped to get an iPad 3 in time for Christmas.

According to its sources, Apple has placed parts orders for the new iPad, and they won’t be on hand in time for that fall launch. other sources are reporting that Apple actually plans to launch the next iPad in early 2012, about a year after the launch of the iPad 2.

The next iPad is rumored to have a high resolution screen (2048×1536 vs 1024×768). Apple’s suppliers are also supposed to have shipped small quantities of parts for iPad 3 sample units.

While it is very likely that Apple is working on another iPad, there is no real evidence when it will come out or what the specs will be . It’s best to take the rumors with a grain of salt.