iPad 2 Shipping in February, Available in March 2011???

As far as gadget release cycles go, Apple appears to be a creature of habit.

– New iPod devices are announced in September (and sometimes available)
– New iPhones are available around June or July
– My theory has a little snag with MacBooks. But, May and October/November have been likely release months

So, what about the iPad which was announced in January 2010 and available in April 2010? Will the iPad 2 (or whatever the sequel is called) have similar 2011 timing? DigiTimes reports that:

Foxconn to ship iPad 2 by the end of February 2011

There’s no hints in the article about the so-called iPad 2’s hardware specifications.

Note that Digitimes “shipping” does not specify if this refers to shipment to Apple or actual availability to customers. My unsubstantiated wild guess is that Apple will ship the iPad to customers in the March time frame. This would make it a great graduation gift or Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift just a few months down the road.