iPad 2 & iMovie for iOS Video Recording Test 2: Observations & Comments

I took my iPad 2 to the beach the other day to see what video recorded under near ideal conditions (lots of natural sunlight) would, to get a bit more experience with the iPad 2’s camera app, and to practice a bit more with iMovie on the iPad.
Here’s a couple of observations based on this second recording and editing experience.
1. The record button needs to be moved, or have the option to be moved, to the right side of the screen (perhaps left side for left-handed users). It is difficult to start and stop video recording when the button is in the middle of the display.
2. It is way too easy to accidentally get your finger in the video since the iPad 2’s camera is in upper left corner (from a landscape orientation perspective) near the power button. There’s a bit of learning needed in how the iPad 2 is held when recording video.
3. Like every camera (conventional, phone, tablet), video recording can benefit a lot from a “Steadicam” (Tiffen’s trademark technology) or software stablization in post-processing. iMovie for Mac OS provides some post-processing image stabilization. But, iMovie for iOS does not.
4. I should try using an iPhone headset-microphone when recording video outdoors to try to reduce wind noise. A case that provides a wind guard for the iPad 2’s microphone might also be an appealing product.
5. Despite the relatively basic nature of iMovie for iOS (iPhone and iPad), I continue to be impressed by its power, speed, and utility. It is quite amazing to be able to record and edit video on device that many reviewers still consider only suited for “content consumption.”