iPad 2 Component Rumors: Does "Better Mobility" Mean Lighter or a 7-inch Display?

If Apple follows their release pattern (new iPods in September, new iPhones in June/July), then we should expect an iPad 2 announcement in January followed by availability in April. DigiTimes is reporting that the Chinese-language Economy Daily News has built an overall picture of what the iPad 2 will look like based on supply sources.

Apple to add 5 new features to iPad 2, says paper

  1. Video phone feature: I’m assuming this actually means two cameras – a front-facing camera for “video phone” purposes and a rear-facing camera for picture taking
  2. Better mobility: This extremely vague “new feature” could mean anything from robotic legs (unlikely) to a lighter weight to a smaller display size.
  3. USB port: It is a stretch, but it could be claimed that Apple’s Camera Connection Kit provides a USB port right now. Unfortunately, it is relatively useless since Apple limits its functions to reader a connected digital camera and undocumented support for some devices like a USB keyboard.
  4. New display technology: This translates to “Retina Display.” However, I hope it means 720p HD display.
  5. 3-axis gyroscope: This would definitely be a boon for game play and, if the iPad 2 has a camera, Augmented Reality apps and games.