iPad 2 Available at 5pm Today: Can't Wait? Apple has 14 Guided Tours (videos)

The iPad 2 isn’t quite available yet. But, it will be later today (5pm local time) at an Apple Store or participating retailer near you. If you want to get a head start familiarizing yourself with the iPad 2’s features, Apple has 14 video segments to show you how things work.
1. FaceTime
2. Mail
3. Safari mobile browser
4. iBooks
5. Videos
6. Photos
7. Find My iPad
8. iPod
9. iTunes
10. App Store
11. Maps
12. AirPlay
13. GarageBand
14. iMovie
Note that video topics 13 and 14 (GarageBand and iMovie) are optional additional purchases. Each of these apps is priced at $4.99.