More Remakes Appear on iOS With Tapper World Tour

Like in the movie industry, doing a remake of an old game can a quick way to turn out a lucrative product, as shown by the success of Square Enix’s iOS version of  Final Fantasy III.

Another one to hit the market is Tapper World Tour for the iPhone and iPad. Developed by Warner Bros., the game has already breached the top iPad paid app charts once before.

Tapper World Tour is an iOS adapted remake of the 1983 arcade game, Tapper (also known as Root Beer Tapper), released by Bally Midway. Of course, the game has been given a big visual upgrade. It still, however, hosts all of the simple arcade-style mechanics of the original.

The fast-paced nature of the game makes it quite challenging. But increases in difficulty are paced with well-timed increments. This means the player is never faced with a situation where they get stuck.

In Tapper World Tour, players are given the role of a bar keeper. At each bar, patrons file in through different doors, down multiple bars, and the player must serve each of them to remove them from play. Served by tapping a keg (no pun intended) at the end of each bar, players succeed once all customers have been served.

Sounds easy, right? It is. But as users progress, it get chaotic.

Bit by bit, Tapper introduces one new element to the challenge at a time. Individually, each new mechanic is small. But they add up very quickly. Here’s an example of the most basic progression: Players start by serving only three bars all on one side of the level. Then it becomes four. Afterwards, it will be more, with bars on two sides. Next, more patrons will begin filing in.

If the player fails to serve a patron (meaning it reaches the end of the bar without a drink), or serves a drink when no patron is around, they lose a life. Zero lives, obviously, equates to failure. To coax users down this path, the game has a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

Eventually, customers will need to be served multiple times to have their thirst quenched. In this case, they’ll slide their mug back down the bar toward the player. If the user isn’t standing at the end of the bar when it reaches it (they can also tap the bar to run down it and collect empty glasses), a life will be lost. On top of this, players will also have to serve specific drinks as well or else the mug will be sent back. Combine this with an increasing number of bars and customers, and the challenge quickly becomes apparent.

There is some hope, however. As players score combos, they will gain power ups. This consists of a “happy” drink that will satisfy any customer and have them leave a tip (an extra life when collected), a boost that will let any drink work on customers, and one that will clear the entire room.

As users complete parts of the game’s “story” mode, they will unlock upgrades such as running shoes that let them move faster down bars, and even entertainment that will stop all the patrons from moving for a short time.

The game is also integrated with Game Center, granting the player a myriad of achievements to earn.

In Game Center, there are also leaderboards available through another game mode called “Endless Shift.” Consisting of all completed story mode levels, players can play any of the bars and try and survive as long as possible, submitting their score to the leaderboards. Playing in this mode can unlock another trophy, which is a collection of postcards from each local. The game also has a handful of mini-games that add bonuses to the story levels.

The whole of Tapper World Tour is very high quality. Considering the simplistic nature of the original arcade game, the concept translates well to iOS and is actually quite the addictive title. Easy to pick up and play for only a few minutes, or even extended periods of time, this newer app is certainly one to try.