iOS Push Notifications Have a 41% Opt-In Rate (Infographic)

A study from Accengage analyzed 38 billion push notifications sent to 750 million app users during 2015 to reveal push notification opt-in rates and reaction rates across multiple app industries.

Accengage released the 2016 edition of its Push Notifications Benchmark. The study analyzed 38 billion push notifications sent to 750 million application users during 2015 to reveal push notification opt-in rates and reaction rates across multiple app industries.

Across all industries, Accengage found that push notifications had a 71 percent average opt-in rate, with the opt-in rate being the percentage of users who gave apps permission to send them push notifications. While Android users are automatically “opted in” to receive push notifications when they download apps, Accengage found that the opt-in rate on iOS was 41 percent.

Breaking iOS opt-in rates down by industry, the study found that telecommunications apps have the highest opt-in rate for push notifications, at 56 percent. Telecom apps were followed by finance and travel apps, both at 51 percent, and entertainment apps at 43 percent.

Overall, South America was found to have the highest iOS opt-in rate, at 44 percent. South America was followed by Africa and Asia, both at 43 percent.

Elsewhere, the study revealed that the average reaction rate for push notifications across iOS and Android was 8.7 percent. The reaction rate is the percentage of users who received push notifications and then tapped on them. In terms of platform, Accengage found that the reaction rate was 13.1 percent on Android and 4.3 percent on iOS.

Breaking reaction rates down by industry, the report revealed that fast-moving consumer goods apps have the highest reaction rates, at 25 percent on Android and 7.5 percent on iOS. These apps were followed by travel, telecom, finance and entertainment apps in the top five.

When looking at reaction rates in different continents, the study found that Europe has the overall highest reaction rates on both Android and iOS, at 16.5 percent and 5.25 percent, respectively.

Check out Accengage’s infographic below for more.

Accengage Push Notifications Infographic