iOS (iPhone/iPad) U.S. Mobile Browsing Marketshare = 60.7%

Earlier this week we learned that according to ComScore the iPad contributes more than 89 percent of tablet [web] traffic across all markets This shouldn’t be a surprise since the iPad also probably accounts for 89% or more of all tablets sold so far.

The Register discusses data from the Net Applications NetMarketShare Report provides a broader perspective. Mobile browsing accounts for 5% of all browsing worldwide. In the U.S. that figure is even higher: 8.2%. The iPad, at only 14 months old at the time the data was gathered, accounts for 1% of all browsing worldwide and 2.1% of all browsing in the U.S. Another way of looking at this is that the iPad accounts for 20% of all mobile browsing worldwide and 25% of all mobile browsing in the U.S.

One per cent of world’s web browsing happens on iPad

If you combine the iPad web browsing marketshare with the iPhone, iOS devices account for 60.7% (or nearly two-thirds) of all mobile browsing in the U.S. Android accounted for 31.6%, BlackBerry 6.9% and everything else was less than 1% combined.

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