iOS, Android Marketshare Up

It probably comes as no surprise that Apple has sold lots of iPads and iPhones, but the magnitude of their dominance of the mobile device market might surprise you.

The tracking firm NetMarketshare has just released some data which shows that iOS now accounts for 63% of the mobile OS market (in June 2012). And that’s up from the 52% reported at the end of 2011, much to the dismay of Apple’s competitors.

The Android market share is also up, with the several versions of Android combining to take an 18% share, which was also up from last year (16%). This growth largely came at the expense of Java ME, which dropped from a 21% share to 10%.

Now, the chart at right is split up to show the major versions of Android because I think it raises an interesting point. The single most used version of Android is over 18 months old, with an even older version coming in second place. Device makers don’t seem to be able to get people to update their devices or adopt new ones, and in the long run that might hurt Android. iOS is going to get pretty new features which owners can show off. The same won’t be true for Android.

via NetMarketshare