iOS 6 Beta Release Limits Users to 500 Apps

If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of the beta releases of the upcoming iOS 6 then you might want to wait for a bit. One IT firm has learned that Apple has imposed certain limitations on users:

We have discovered, and confirmed with Apple, that there is a virtual limit to the number of Apps.  When a user has over 500 apps on their iDevice, they will start having slow booting, auto-rebooting, and other issues due to the OS rejecting the number of apps.  Get up to 1000 and your device will not even boot forcing you to restore.

This might seem like more apps that anyone could ever need on one device, but I’m not so sure. I don’t use my iPad all that much, but even I have managed to install over a hundred apps in the past 18 months. I wouldn’t be surprised if a heavy user reported having 500 apps installed – or more.

And if the poll that Mid Atlantic Consulting ran is any indication, this issue will likely affect around 20% of users. That’s not a negligible number, so I’m hoping that this limitation doesn’t carry across into the official release.