ION’s Burgess: Mobile Is an Important Piece of DTV’s Future

Broadcasting & Cable‘s Glen Dickson recently spoke with Brandon Burgess, chairman and CEO of ION Media Networks and chairman of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, an industry group he helped create to push the development of a standard for delivering mobile TV through the digital TV spectrum.

Burgess, an obvious proponent of mobile TV, describes broadcast as the “ultimate mobile-delivery vehicle,” and points out that “in some sense, doing DTV without the wireless component is a lot less exciting.” He told Dickson that even without the mobile aspect, DTV still has some benefits, such as high-definition, but by allowing mobile devices to pick up the signal, “you open up another 400 million devices and places over the coming three to five to seven years.” Places and devices, he adds, that have never before been available to broadcasters.

ION has conducted its own mobile DTV tests over the past year and, according to Burgess, discovered that inexpensive technology that works and can be implemented quickly does indeed exist.

You can read more of Dickson’s interview with Burgess here.