IOC to Athletes at 2010 Winter Olympics: Tweet Away!

Athletes competing in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Feb. 12-28 can tweet to their hearts’ content, according to a tweet from the International Olympic Committee, sent Friday, CNET reported.

The tweet contained a link to the IOC’s four pages of rules covering bloggers, but was much more light-handed toward Twitterers, reading:

Athletes go ahead and Tweet as long as it is about your own personal experience at the Games. #olympics #twitter

U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Bob Condron told CNET in an email interview:

(The move should let) both the athletes and the readers enjoy the Olympics at a new level. This might be the Twitter Olympics. It’ll be interesting to see where it all goes. Our brain waves are now operating in a 140-character mode.

U.S. skiing star and medal hopeful Lindsey Vonn, for one, was happy about the clarification, according to CNET.

Vonn had posted the following on her Facebook Page Thursday:

Hey everyone, because of the Olympic rules (blackout period) I will not be able to post any updates from now until March 3rd. Sorry, it bums me out too! Even though I won’t be able to write to you I can still get your messages so keep them coming!

Vonn’s update Friday:

Contrary to what I was told it turns out that I am allowed to continue to tweet and Facebook during the Olympics!! Yay!! I have to follow very specific rules though:( Did you guys really think you were going to get rid of me that easily?! I’m back baby!

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