Involver Introduces Social Markup Language

Involver is making a new 'Social Markup Language' available to developers today.

Social Markup Language might sound like marketing spin on new software but Involver insists this is a bona fide programming lingo that the company is making available to the developer community today.

Unlike other markup languages, SML generates all HTML and Javascript for social tags running on the server side. That saves developers from having to tinker with the code every time Facebook upgrades its platform. Involver does the updating and any pages with SML tags get updates apace.

Involver claims that any developer knowledgeable of HTML, CSS or Javascript can quickly grasp how to use SML and use it to build social applications with ease.

The lingo uses Involver’s library of applications, including infrastructure for everything from profile tabs to poll creation, contest generation and comment management.

SML taps into Involver’s Audience Management Platform, to create social media applications that are multi-platform marketing campaigns. All of this is accessible from a single dashboard.

Involver wouldn’t disclose pricing details for SML, which has been developed over the course of a year-and-a-half. A large number of Involver’s customers already have the language incorporated into social media applications. Among these users is the interactive marketing agency Publicis Modem.

“Our own engineering team has been using it for a wide variety of different applications. It’s proprietary intellectual property that we’re making available to the developer community for the first time,” said Rahim Fazal,chief executive officer and co-founder of Involver in a telephone interview.

Involver’s applications and audience monitoring tools run at more than 125,000 companies, including both interactive agencies and consumer brands, together, they power over 250,000 different pieces of social software.

Readers, what uses do you envision for SML? Have you tried the new markup language yet? Please share your experiences with us here.