What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Involver AMP

After several months of beta testing at sites such as Facebook and The White House Commission on Remembrance, Involver this week publicly released its Audience Management Platform (AMP). AMP is an integrated social marketing dashboard allowing users to monitor, publish, schedule and manage their brand’s strategy and presence across the social web.

After the jump – what you need to know about Involver AMP.

The application in a sentence

AMP is a powerful and innovative platform for marketers to monitor their brands’ audience across social channels and then take action with that information – at enterprise scale.

How the product benefits social media campaigns

AMP customers are able to track, respond and share content to ensure that key sources and influencers are continually nurtured; specifically they can schedule the timing and channels for all content distribution from the AMP dashboard to ensure peak performance of brand strategy. Customers can view, monitor, and moderate performance across major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more.

Coolest feature

Through its high-level overview, the social dashboard itself addresses one of the biggest challenges modern marketers face – quantifying the value of dollars spent on brand development across the social web.

Feature summary

  • Listen: search updates across social networks for brand mentions or keywords
  • Monitor: review, moderate, and respond to consumer conversations on Twitter and Facebook
  • Schedule & Publish: build and execute a content calendar that keeps fans and followers engaged with brand
  • Engage: tap Involver’s suite of over 30 best-of-breed applications, including Polls, Coupons, Quizzes, Lead Generation, Sweepstakes, Email Signup, YouTube, RSS and Twitter, to engage audiences
  • Optimize: view integrated analytics to understand and optimize marketing results.

User profile

AMP has been designed for brands and agencies of varying sizes.


AMP pricing is based on the number of channels with which there is interaction and the volume of fans/followers.

User review

“We’ve used Involver to engage the audience around many of our accounts, including Skittles and 5 Gum,” said Daniel Stein, CEO of EVB. “Involver’s platform has given our agency the tools to both engage and activate the social media fan base of our clients’ brands. Without question, Involver’s platform has helped power some of our more innovative social media ideas.”

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Involver is the only social marketing platform to support 80,000 brands and agencies worldwide. Involver was built to scale to the demands of today’s high-growth market.”

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