Investigative Reporting Site Launches

LA-based independent producer and investigative journo Eric Longabardi and Peabody Award-winning TV vet Roger Scott launched an online investigative reporting site Tuesday — because a pig flight school would have been too lucrative. has a terrible name, and a not-so-catchy motto: “It’s news: exclusive and original.” But we welcome any online journalistic innovation that doesn’t involve Britney Spears, so we wish them well.

Why an online news source? Here’s one guess: Investigative reporter Longabardi seems to have long ago given up on Old Media.

Here’s to the brave, new world.

[Update: Longabardi tells us: “ERS stands for Enterprise Reporting System and the initials of the three founders. I mean come on TMZ, FNC, CNN, NBC is any better?” FBLA’s response: Yes.

“And I have not given up on old media … that is false. I work with Brian Ross and ABC most directly in recent years on the national scene and do all my work until last TUESDAY via OLD MEDIA.

“Here’s examples from 2006:“]

We apologize, and admit we stand corrected. Except about the name.