Itching To Invest In Twitter? Don’t Hold Your Breath! [VIDEO]

You really, really love Twitter and know it would perform WAY better long-term than Facebook if it ever went public (that’s an easy prediction to make). And you’ve been watching and waiting ever so patiently for Twitter IPO news.

Well, Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo has an update: Twitter is not for sale. Ever.

So, no Twitter for you . . . but maybe for Google?

As you may recall, Twitter has a truckload of money, so why would they ever consider going public?

But someone didn’t share this tidbit with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin, who asked about Twitter considering an IPO anyway – and we’re glad she did! Here’s Costolo’s response:

The twitter IPO question, not something we’re focused on right now. . . . There’ll come a time when we need to start talking about what’s the best way to finance the future growth of the company and then we’ll have that conversation. . . . I’m not focused on when, what the date for any of that financing is right now.”

So she asked the next best question: Is Twitter a “takeover target?”

Costolo’s response (repeated three times as she pressed him for an answer) is interesting: “We have every hope and belief that we will be a successful and independent company.”

Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think. Will Twitter inevitably get gobbled up by the Google Monster?


(Happy person image from Shutterstock)