Introducing "Will It Stick?"

Here at Social Times we are on a mission to find out exactly what it is that makes a video go viral. What subject matter is the most popular? What entices people to share videos with their friends? What actions can creators take to increase the virality of their videos? To this end, we are embarking on a new project – researching viral topics, creating our own videos, asking for feedback and analyzing our successes and failures. In short, we are putting our stuff out there and asking, “Will it stick?”

Our First Attempt

Our first attempt in the “Will It Stick?” experiment is ‘Eyjafjallajokull Iceland Volcano Remix’, a mashup of clips of reporters trying to pronounce the epic name of the Icelandic volcano, set to music.

Why It Might Go Viral

People seem to love mashups and remixes of all kinds. Whether it’s a remix of David After Dentist, Charlie Bit Me or a mashup of the funniest news bloopers, these types of videos seem to get a lot of views. Top this off with the fact that the Iceland volcano eruption is still fresh in people’s minds and has been a hot search term on YouTube for the past week or so and we just might have a winner!

Why It Might Not Go Viral

Our timing might be slightly off on this one. If we had uploaded the video to YouTube last week, during the peak of news and chatter about the eruption and plane cancellations, it would probably have gotten a lot more views.

So do you think ‘Eyjafjallajokull Iceland Volcano Remix’ will stick? Would you share it with your friends? What would you add or change to make it more viral?