Introducing Weekly Rankings Of Most Engaging Pages

Introducing our newest weekly ranking: Most engaging pages on Facebook.

Introducing our newest weekly ranking: Most engaging pages on Facebook. These top 20 subsites have their excited fans interacting on an almost constant basis. Our debut list includes pop culture celebrity icons to pages heavily influenced by religion. Take a look our first most engaging pages list below.

Most Engaging Pages

Name# Fans# Interactions
1. Justin Bieber23,983,753696,764
2. Lady Gaga31,147,151628,440
3. We are Khaled Said1,088,972615,868
4. Katy Perry21,773,405585,650
5. Mario Teguh3,758,111579,016
6. The Bible6,537,734537,685
7. eN KapAK NiCkLEr”’!!!934,210486,280
8. Jesus Daily4,768,721455,836
9. Jesus Christ2,118,098356,270
10. Manchester United11,076,032305,955
11. Super Junior1,192,273267,301
12. Britney Spears9,340,182267,195
13. Harry Potter19,848,942264,950
14. Müzik Keyfi1,315,806260,866
15. ILoveAllaah.com5,231,039258,660
16. Im a Muslim & Im Proud4,843,227254,207
17. Rihanna29,430,483252,914
18. Arabesk Rap1,523,832240,360
19. WEREVERTUMORRO1,382,159239,737
20. Selena Gomez17,155,497232,399

Pop culture: It’s with little surprise that popular stars often see the highest number of fans commenting on their social networking homes. Justin Bieber leads the pack this week with 696,764 interactions. Following closely on his footsteps is Lady Gaga, who witnessed 628,440 chattering fans adding a post to the pop star’s page.

Scattered across the rest of this countdown, you will find even pop music stars whose devoted fans are constantly engaging in the content and updates found on these pages. Katy Perry had a notable week; 585,650 lovers of her music took to Facebook last week. Britney Spears saw 267,195 of her fans joining on the discussion. Rihanna ended the week with an impressive number of 252,914, and Selena Gomez rounds out this week’s list totaling 232,399.

South Korea boy band Super Junior had a solid 267,301 people help land them a spot on this week’s countdown. Turkish-based page Arabesk Rap had 240,360 Facebook users adding into the conversation.

Religion: The Bible‘s page on the social network totals 6,537,734 fans, and within the past week over 500 thousand of them interacted with the content found on the page. Jesus Daily and Jesus Christ both ended back to back on this week’s list; the first totaling 455,836 and the latter 356,270.

Two Muslim pages that also landed spots this week are and I’m a Muslim, and I’m Proud. tallied 258,660, and I’m A Muslim saw a 254,207 interaction total.

On the field: Popular football, or soccer, team Manchester United witnessed their fans buzzing on Facebook. The team had 305,955 followers adding friendly trash talk and getting each other psyched for upcoming games.

On the screen: Harry Potter launched a new interactive tab called The Quest, offering exclusive videos and games. This helped the popular fantasy novels and movies achieve an interaction total of 264,950.

If you want to measure the interactions of your own and other pages take a look at our tool AllFacebook Stats, which allows you to track and compare your pages in different dimensions. The tool is available in a free version, along with multiple business packages.

Many thanks to Alexander Peiniger at AllFacebook Stats for helping us launch this new weekly ranking!

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