Intro To E-Mail Marketing For Facebook Page Admins

This is Day 29 of the 30 Days to 3,000 Fans program. You can learn more about the program here.
Any internet marketer knows about the power of e-mail marketing. As I discussed in “The 5 Phases of the Facebook Sales Funnel“, it’s important to drive users to take an action. Often that may be registering for an email newsletter which can then be used to upsell the user on a product or service. In addition to e-mail newsletters, every modern marketer sends numerous e-mails every day and each of those e-mails should be used as an opportunity to drive new fans.

4 E-Mail Marketing Strategies For Facebook Page Admins

Despite the power of social technology as a platform for marketing, e-mail marketing still remains to be one of the most effective tools for keeping in touch with users and promoting services and products. That’s why we think it’s a great idea to take advantage of e-mail marketing to promote your Facebook Page. Below are five e-mail marketing strategies that will instantly boost your Facebook fan base.

1. Promote Your Newsletter Via Your Facebook Page

If you have a newsletter one of the best ways to get new members is via your Facebook Page. Use sidebar promotions as outlined on Day 24 to drive new member registration. Also feel free to occasionally post updates that encourage fans to register for your e-mail newsletter. Be careful though because overly promoting your e-mail newsletter will drive many Facebook users away from your page.

2. Use Mundane Emails As A Promotion Opportunity

I personally send hundreds of emails a day and any professional marketer is most definitely sending numerous emails daily. That’s why I suggest taking that opportunity to drive new fans to your Facebook Page. In addition to your name and phone number, add a link which directs your contacts to your Facebook Page. Most people are willing to become a fan. To increase conversion place a call to action at the end of your email such as “Please support me and join my Facebook Page:“.

3. Promote Your Page Via Your Newsletter

This one should be pretty obvious: use your e-mail newsletter as a tool to promote your Facebook Page. Also invest the time necessary to optimize the conversion of newsletter subscribers to Facebook Page fans. As you promote your Facebook Page it’s a great idea to find out how many of your readers are clicking on your Facebook Page. There are numerous email marketing platforms but not all of them provide detailed analytics services. One of the best email marketing systems I’ve found is Aweber but there are many others as well. Determine what sort of click through rates you’re getting and modify your email as necessary to increase the number of people clicking on your Facebook Page link.

4. Use E-Mail Registrations To Score Interviews

One of the best features about e-mail marketing is that it’s easy to quickly browse through e-mail addresses and determine what companies your subscribers work at. I typically reach out to people that may have interesting positions and ask them for an interview. When somebody provides you with an email address look them up on Facebook and LinkedIn to determine what their position is and if it sounds interesting, just ask them for an interview opportunity. It helps you to expand your network and it provides valuable content for your readers.

Daily Task

Register for an email marketing service. Not all services cost money. For example, Campaign Monitor is free to register and only charges you when you send emails ($5 + $0.01 per recipient per campaign). AWeber is another great service and charges you a flat fee based on the number of subscribers you have, not the number of emails you send out. If you are going to turn any of your Facebook fans into customers, the best way is through contacting them directly and the easiest way to reach them online is via email.