Interviews? Check. Thank-You Notes? Check. So Why Aren’t You Landing The Job?

noCongratulations! You’ve made it through the gatekeepers to land a coveted job interview. Not only that, you landed another one. And another one. And sent those thank-you notes.

And bam. Rejection letter arrives several weeks later. What’s the deal?

According to a piece in today’s New York Post, there may be signals that you’re not picking up during the interview itself. Greg Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, writes:

“Perhaps you’re projecting your feelings about the interview or desire to work there onto the interviewer (that’s right, I took a psychology course in college). Well-run companies show respect to everyone invited in for an interview, because it’s appropriate — regardless of whether someone is getting the job — and because that person could also be a consumer of the company’s goods or services.”

If you’ve felt positively about the experience itself, that could be a reflection of the company’s rock solid recruiting machine.

He adds, “The only measure anyone should use to determine whether or not they are a serious candidate is how direct the company is about their interest in you.”So, what should your game plan be? Pursue every single job in an aggressive fashion until you land an offer.