Interviewing Sloane Crosley

0306crosley.jpgJournalists like to blog. It goes double for journalists who honed their skills in the blog world. So it’s inevitable that journalists would start blogging about writing their stories. The result? Ex-Gawker editor Emily Gould blogging about interviewing book publicist/new lit it-girl Sloane Crosley for Radar. The result is a whole new level of meta that makes the bar at Von look like child’s play. Radar, the NYO, Gawker — they really are all connected:

I interviewed the Sloane Crosley for Radar. I thought she was admirably forthcoming about the perils of getting caught up in the feedback loop of being admired, hated for being admired, then admired for being hated for being admired, etc: “Did I feel all the blood rush out of my head the day the Observer piece anointed me “most popular”? Yes. I also thought, well, on the off chance that was ever true, it ain’t anymore.” I also am gratified that they left the “sigh” in this part intact: “A New York Observer profile published in November detailed her likable traits, and even called her ‘the most popular publicist in town,’ prompting (sigh) a Gawker commenter to snipe …”

Also, Sloane Crosley wants you to know she has a nice ass.