Interview With Naval Ravikant

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with Naval Ravikant, an investor and entrepreneur based in the Silicon Valley area. I wanted to talk to him about trends that he is seeing in the industry and what sort of pullback, if any he has been seeing from the economic downturn. You can listen to the podcast to find out what he said but for him, there has been little economic impact in early stage investing.

Additionally, Naval spoke to me about what types of teams he makes investments in and why. We also discussed the challenges of creating a startup outside the valley versus creating a startup in the heart of the valley. Naval is always a great person to speak with, especially when discussing social technology as he made a number of investments in Facebook application companies.

Naval also writes the Venture Hacks blog which recently launched a “Recommended” section which indexes venture capitalists as well as startups. The point is to help entrepreneurs find investors. Listen to the podcast to hear Naval’s insights on investing and what the best way is to approach getting funding.