Interview with Andrew Celemente: The 16 Year Old Who Puts Us All to Shame


We’re not big readers of DevLounge, the site by and for people who build things for the web, but when we do stop by, we always find it very approachable, which is odd considering how complex some of this web-makery is. So it was with great joy to read an interview over at Fadtastic with Andrew Clemente, the very young founder of DevLounge. Here’s a bit about the whole thing started:

Devlounge came about roughly a year ago. Even being so young, I had previously been involved in multiple projects. As early as age 10 I was involved with a news site for beta, unpredictably titled “Betanews.” In 2004 before I wasn’t really any good with design. I tried organizing my first project called Soundvolume, which was intended to be a music resource. Eventually that project fell flat and I called it quits for a while.

Then in 2005 I started getting serious about design and putting a lot more effort into it. The move to much simpler designed sites was just beginning, and it made my designs do fairly well because it was the hot and wanted “look” at the time.

With a year of much stronger design under my belt, I entered 2006 with the vision to start doing something. In early January I was discussing different ideas with an “internet friend of mine,” Prashant Sugand, and we settled on the idea for DevLounge. We thought that the internet lacked any other true designer resources with valid and original content besides A List Apart. At the time I had no idea about Fadtastic or Vitamin. I use DevLounge as my own median to share the knowledge I’ve picked up on my own over the last few years.