My6Sense Founder Explains How To Get a 6th Sense Online [Interview]

Finding personally meaningful content online is a challenge we all face. Barak Hachamov, Founder of My6Sense talks about the new Android App and how it's 'digital intuition' finds personalized web content against the backdrop of information overload.

If you use the net every day, you’re probably an information junkie and have on occasion wasted valuable time sifting through tweets, facebook posts, articles, and blogs trying to find interesting content. My6Sense is a mobile application that is eliminating these time wasting situations using ‘digital intuition’ and brings you the most interesting content to the top of your streams.

Every individual possesses a personally unique version of what constitutes ‘interesting web content’ and maybe only 1-5 out of 1000 pieces of content fighting for your attention is actually meaningful to you. “Everybody today speaks about an information overload problem and attention crisis but people don’t realize yet that the amount of content that will compete for their attention will likely be 10 times higher 2 years down the road ” says Barak Hachamov, founder and ‘Visionary Geek’ of My6Sense.

I had a chance to sit down with Barak and talk about how My6Sense aides the process of finding personalized online content against the backdrop of information overload.

Social Times) What is My6Sense in a nutshell?

Barak Hachamov) A service that finds the good stuff that you like and don’t want to miss. It personalizes your streams almost like mimicking your unique human ranking function. Much like Pandora offers you a personalized music channel and Netflix offers you personalized movie experiences, My6Sense offers you a hyper personalized stream of content of any kind. The more you use it, the smarter it will be. It will figure out your preferences and pick out the best stuff while being totally effortless. Instead of the user explicitly searching for something on the net, My6Sense implicitly knows and displays what you like.

My6Sense offers true personalization and focuses on not just community preferences. We rely on implicit and relative feedback, carefully derived from user behavior and we do not attempt to explain the preferences, just mimic them.

ST) Is data overload a major problem that people are facing today?

BH) I don’t perceive information overload as a problem. It is an evolving challenge that has been an issue for a long time and is not anything new. Rather, the problem people face lies in surfing and finding content that matters to them. The amount of online content thrown at individuals is only going to increase tenfold in the next 2 years and people need a way to sift through the noise and find what they like.

BH) With tools like My6Sense, this challenge will turn into a great opportunity to bring us the right content at the right time, context and location. It will allow us to discover the hidden insights behind the fiscal and the virtual corner.

ST) The release of My6Sense for Android was in September. How do the iPhone and Android versions differ?

This app was built on our new API. We added lots of enhancements to the Android app. It is more visual, more social, and more intuitive. It has a sleeker and cleaner look with thumbnail images and previews. The experience for the new user is enhanced as we offer easy access points to your top content from Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz as well as your RSS feeds. So far, it’s been extremely popular among Android users and we’re planning to add all the Android enhancements to the iPhone version soon.

ST) How does My6Sense compare to competitors like Flipboard, and Hunch?

BH) Competition has been popping up recently, which is a great sign that the market demand for such services is growing rapidly.

Flipboard for example is a very innovative and visually impressive service though it feels more like sifting through a beautiful magazine. I think it would be a great opportunity for us to partner with some of these solutions, to combine our ground breaking personal ranking service via our Attention API.