Interview: Mrs. Butterworth!

For today’s interview we decided to do something different. Rather than write about branding, spokespeople, and nostalgia in marketing, we thought we’d go right to the source, and talk to one of the classic TV commercial characters of the 1980s: Mrs. Butterworth, of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

The spokesbottle is in the midst of a revival lately which may have begun with a guest appearance for Geico two years ago.

Now, the Mrs. is back, harnessing the power of her fans on Twitter, Facebook, and with a contest to finally reveal her first name.

To join the big reveal at 11:30 Eastern tomorrow, RSVP by sending an email and the call-in number will be provided.

The campaign is part of PR effort by Pinnacle Foods with the help of their agency, the Bender Hammerling Group.

We asked the Mrs. about everything from her new job description, the advantage of also being the packaging, the end of Schadenfreude in advertising, and even about those sugar-fueled parties of the 1980s:

PRNewser: Your boss used to put you on the Sunday TV with a few choice lines. Now you’re doing press conference calls, you’re on Twitter & Facebook–is that how you reach the people these days? Did you get a raise?

Tee hee, I’m not interested in a raise, I’m happy as long as people keep using my thick and rich syrup. But you’re right, dear; I’m quite busy these days and I haven’t always been so internet-savvy! It’s true, I find this is great new way to reach families. Imagine, I used to only be able to talk to kids at the breakfast table! Oh my, I’m reaching my friends on Twitter and Facebook and even on the YouTubes! You see, in 2007, I returned to TV commercials for the first time in a decade. I’m becoming quite the syrup celebrity.

PRNewser: How many contestants guessed your name correctly? How about the strangest guess–can you drop us that?

It still sends shivers down my bottle, dear, that over 8,000 people wanted to guess my first name! There were just a few who guessed my name correctly, and I’ll be announcing all of this today. As far as the strangest guess, just like there are no wrong questions, my dear, in my syrupy-sweet world there are no wrong answers! This contest was all about imagination and I’ve learned that my breakfast-loving friends are full of just that-playful imagination!

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PRNewser: As far as I know, you’re the only spokes-character who is also the actual packaging. What has that done for you?

I’ve never been called packaging before, my dear! And oh what fun my bottle and I have! I’m a spokeswoman and syrup, dear, you’re correct. I’m a rich, thick bottle of syrup who gets to travel around the world visiting breakfast tables.

PRNewser: A lot has changed since the days of the Keebler elves, the Jolly Green Giant and the Kool-Aid pitcher. Now we have a lot of schadenfreudic campaigns and characters I might be scared to let in my kitchen (i.e. BK’s King, Geico’s stack of money, etc). Does your campaign signal a return to sweeter spokescharacters?

You really shouldn’t be scared of any of them; they’re all the nicest of characters. Really, we spokespersons just want to bring a little bit of fun into the homes of our friends! As far as a return to sweeter spokescharacters, I’m optimistic–every one has some sweet inside of them. I always see the bottle half full!

PRNewser: Who partied the hardest in the days of those classic characters?

I don’t know about those parties, but I do know about breakfast. I’ve always been a bit of an early-to-bed, early-to-rise bottle.

PRNewser: What can Fans hope to see in the future?

I’ll continue to bring imaginative play to the world of breakfast! I’ll have to keep my future plans a mystery for now, dear, but you’ll be seeing more of me soon.

PRNewser: Pancakes or waffles?

Oh dear, I ask my friends this very question all of the time! I do love the thought of a giant golden pancake. Then again, I also love the way my syrup flows onto a delicious and crispy waffle. And don’t forget French Toast…Mostly, I love anything that I can cover in syrup. I’ve even heard that the Big Apple took on a bit of a syrup smell this year, tee hee!

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