The FishbowlNY 60-Second Interview With Joe Pompeo

JoePompeoPicYou read the headline right. To highlight Capital New York’s ongoing and very informative Q&A series “60-Second Interview,” we decided to throw that format at the man who came up with the idea – senior reporter Joe Pompeo.

We wanted to adhere as closely as possible to the way Capital does these. So, the conversation was conducted via email and consisted of five questions.

Although these 60-Second Interviews are initially available only to Capital Pro subscribers, they are eventually archived to the open Web. Our thanks to Joe as well as to Capital’s media and marketing associate Caitlin O’Connell for their help with this.

FISHBOWLNY: Which 60-Second Interviews (and/or remarks within) have gotten the most reaction so far?

POMPEO: Obviously the ones we’ve done with “celebrity” type media figures have been pretty popular: Larry King, Glenn Beck, Jay McInerney, etc. I seem to recall our Shane Smith installment going a bit viral. One of our very first ones was with Janine Gibson from Guardian U.S. and that got a lot of traction.

FISHBOWLNY: How is each participant selected? Is it pretty much just up to you, and dependent on access, or is it a daily editorial meeting discussion?

POMPEO: Oh it’s all much more casual than that. And while I was the one who came up with the feature in the first place, I’m by no means the arbiter. Basically everyone on our seven-person media desk is constantly brainstorming and putting out requests. We started getting pitches from publicists and sources pretty early on, too, which is great in terms of feeding the beast. It’s never fun when 5 p.m. rolls around and we realize we don’t have an interviewee lined up for the following morning.

FISHBOWLNY: Would you ever expand beyond the “traditional” media purview for these, and try to interview say someone like Donald Trump?

POMPEO: Oh we’d love to have him. Email us, Donald!

FISHBOWLNY: The only individually bylined 60-Second Interview so far was Alex Weprin’s Larry King convo (vs. Capital Staff for your contributions). Is this an indication that more of these will be roped in, contributed by others as they speak with folks?

POMPEO: Alex, our TV reporter, got a great interview with King that was a bit more ambitious than the usual five fast-fire questions, so our editors thought it was worthy of having a byline. We do these first and foremost for Capital’s morning media email newsletter, which is distributed to our paying subscribers, and since the newsletter is multi-bylined we don’t individually byline the interviews.

FISHBOWLNY: Who are a couple of media folks currently on your 60 Second bucket list?

POMPEO: Well I can’t speak for my colleagues, but Rupert Murdoch would be fantastic (we’ve otherwise only been able to land a Rupert interview by ambushing him at a gala), and other types of media figures who don’t really engage with the press these days but can pretty much be relied upon to make news whenever they open their mouths, like, say, Col Allan. Not to turn this into a News Corp. advertisement, but Roger Ailes is another good example, though I suspect the Fox News communications team won’t be making him available to us anytime soon.

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