INTERVIEW: Cision’s Peter Granat Shares Major Updates to PR Industry

Peter Granat, CEO of Cision, on where the PR industry is going.

Earlier this month, Cision unveiled what is arguably its most significant updates to the hallowed dashboard of Cision PR Edition for the entire public relations industry. The changes are designed to provide more robust engagement tracking, news monitoring and other premium services offerings involving analytics and reporting.
From better social media reach to daily news briefings, these improvements should provide a genuine sigh of relief from media relations strategists everywhere. Why? Because you have been clamoring for these changes and Cision has responded.
We may have regaled in the fanfare as well, which is why we wanted to talk to the man behind these improvements personally — Peter Granat, CEO of Cision. Enjoy:

1. How significant are these changes to Cision?

Communications professionals are working in a faster environment and trying to reach a larger audience than ever before. Cision always aims to be an extension of our clients’ teams, and with new technology and resources through acquisitions, we’re ready to showcase insights, premium content, and services that help our clients do their job faster and with more visibility into the impact they have on their brand reputation. This upgrade shows Cision’s continued momentum to build a leading communications platform.

2. Why are these improvements necessary for the PR industry, considering how the industry is ever-evolving?

These improvements are necessary for the PR industry simply because today’s communicators need more — they are in need of rich content, analytics and insights. Influencer insights and engagement tracking helps build better relationships and makes continued interactions more meaningful in a landscape where it can be tough to break through the clutter.

These media insights also help users pinpoint the outlets that are performing the best so they can focus their communications efforts appropriately. Not only can users understand what their target influencers are talking about the most but they can also understand more about their audiences, to determine if  that audience is the right fit for their campaign. Communications pros need to make sense of big data, and these updates allow them to do that. In this day and age of communications, it’s all about targeted, focused and effective PR and social outreach to achieve business goals.

Influencer: Enhanced contact profiles to leverage new insights and manage relationships

3. Is Cision playing catch-up to the changing needs of PR, or are these enhancements reflective of what Cision consumers have asked of you?

These enhancements are reflective of demand, as well as a drive to anticipate industry trends and changes. Communicators trust Cision as a valued partner to guide their tools, tactics and strategies — and it’s our duty to listen to their needs and keep them ahead of the curve.

4. What is Cision’s market share in the industry?

Cision is a world leader in the communications industry.  We have always been known for our database, but we continue to expand into content distribution, influencer marketing and social media management. With Gorkana and the Data Science team under the Cision umbrella, we have further enhanced that data to offer new insights and analytics.

Relationship Management: Make your social connections more meaningful with Cision PR Edition’s relationship management tools​

5. Is the engagement tracking only for Twitter? If so, why aren’t other important platforms mentioned? Especially since Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Vine are used with other digital PR campaigns.

Knowing that relationship management is something our users need to streamline their workflow and build strong connections with media and influencers, we wanted to give our users the ability to go beyond traditional activity tracking, and track interactions with important influencers on Twitter.

Since Twitter is currently the dominant social network for these interactions with media and influencers, the engagement tracking is currently for Twitter only but we’re looking at ways to expand beyond that to other networks.

6. What’s on the horizon for Cision and how will you continue to mold this necessary tool for all PR practitioners?

We will continue to enrich our integrated software suite and expand our capabilities to proactively meet the needs of today’s communicators. Our priority will remain focusing on the right tools and technology to help communicators work efficiently and successfully, even as media rapidly changes.

 [IMAGES: Courtesy of Cision]