Internet Users Want to Know How Their Data Is Used (Infographic)

While social logins have become the preferred method for accessing sites and services across the web, 93 percent of participants in a recent survey indicated that they were concerned with how companies are using their data.

Internet users are notoriously lazy when it comes to password security and are tired of filling out new profiles all the time. To wit, social logins have become the preferred method of registering and logging into sites and services online. However, while internet users are won over by the convenience of social logins, according to a report from social identity management platform Janrain, many are concerned about how companies and brands will use their account data and activity.

Among the survey participants, Facebook was No. 1, with more than 60 percent of social logins. Google remains second with 36 percent, followed by Yahoo at 10 percent and Twitter at 9 percent. Across the board, these numbers represent increases ranging from 3 percent to as much as 18 percent. Overall, nearly 60 percent of respondents said they refuse to sign into services that don’t offer a social login option.

Beyond convenience, users recognize that the use of social logins enables better personalization. The ability for more personalized marketing is definitely a win for marketers, but there is also temptation to overwhelm consumers with marketing. With one-third of web users saying they’d never return to a site and would stop buying products from sites from offending sites, Janrain cautions against the temptation of “overmarketing.”

Internet users are becoming more comfortable with sharing data with companies and brands they trust. However, in many cases, this trust is limited For instance, 47 percent of respondents said they didn’t mind sharing their account data as long as it was used only by the company they shared it with. 45 percent of respondents wanted more transparency with regard to how companies are using their data.

According to a statement from Janrain vice president of product Jamie Beckland:

Social logins are table stakes for online businesses since most web users will no longer sign up to a new site without them. But privacy concerns are understandably high given some recent high-profile data breaches. Businesses need to do a better job in the way they use account data to market to users, as well as make sure they’re clearly explaining how the account info they access is used and shared.

The bottom line: Internet users prefer social logins but also want brands to be trustworthy, transparent and prudent with the use of their account data.

Readers: How are you using social logins and the associated data?


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