Internet Addiction Meets Opera in Las Horas Vacías (The Empty Hours)

Internet addiction will meet opera Friday night at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall when the New York Opera Society presents Las Horas Vacías (The Empty Hours), an opera by Ricardo Llorca about a lonely woman who is obsessed with the Web, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Llorca told the Journal the idea for The Empty Hours first came to him when he lived in a West Village co-op in the early 1990s, saying, “We had this neighbor upstairs. She was in her 40s, very well-dressed. Every Friday night, I could hear that she had a guest for dinner. I could hear her cook, dine, and then fight. There was always a fight, and it always ended up in the bedroom. The whole building could hear.”

He added that after one year of this happening every week, the president of the co-op board and the police knocked on the door during the argument, only to find that the woman “was completely by herself, and completely drunk.”

On the subject of the Internet, Llorca told the Journal, “It’s very dangerous! When I began with this opera, I was really addicted. I could be all day chatting, Skyping, texting. It can widen your horizon, but in another sense, you lose your concentration.” He added that he no longer uses Myspace and Twitter, but he is still on Facebook and is “addicted” to YouTube.

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