Internal Memo Outlines POLITICO’s Plans for New Digs

An internal memo from POLITICO COO Kim Kingsley this afternoon announced that after a long search for new office space, the powers that be decided to relocate within its current building, to the 8th and 9th floors. While the deal is not yet final, they’re far enough along in the process to make an announcement to staff.

POLITICO occupies the 6th and parts of the 7th floors at 1100 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington. The new space is expected to be 60,000 square feet and have two-connected and private floors and a large outdoor private terrace.

If all goes according to plan, they’ll make the move late Spring 2015.

Check out the full memo after the jump.

From: Kim Kingsley
Date: June 17, 2014 at 2:39:53 PM EDT
To: TP-Staff
Subject: Office space news


Some news to announce:

We’ve selected the location of our new office space and are currently in the final stages of negotiating the lease.

While not yet a done deal, we wanted to share the great news on a preliminary basis: We will continue to call 1100 Wilson Boulevard our home, but instead will have the 8th and 9th floors all to ourselves.

We spent a great deal of time looking for just the right location, and the benefits of this new space are numerous: 60,000 square feet, two-connected (and private) floors, a large outdoor terrace and tremendous Washington views. And because we’re moving within the building, this behemoth undertaking can happen in timed stages with little-to-no downtime.

From a scrappy start-up to an industry leader that’s practically bursting at the seams, we need a space that will give us the ability to grow more comfortably and evolve more creatively. This move offers us the chance to make a fresh start in a space we can call our own.

The entire leadership team is committed to making this move as collaborative as possible. And in that spirit, here’s what we know:

What’s the space like?
It’s two large floors with unobstructed views of the monuments and the Potomac. It’s got a fantastic 3,000 square foot private terrace. Inside, both floors will soon be connected by an open staircase. We’ll be the only tenants on both floors. The ceilings are high and the possibilities are endless. Our team of outside designers will be working very closely with us over the next few months to ensure our long-term experience in the space is a great one.

When are we moving?
If all goes according to plan, we’ll assume the lease later this year. That means construction can begin in the fall, with a projected move-in date late next spring. We need that time to implement a significant design and infrastructure effort – right now, the space is down-to-the-studs. It’s a blank canvas, which is a truly wonderful thing.

Can I go see it?
We absolutely want each and every one of you to be a part of this process … just not yet. It’s a hard hat-only area for now and not yet our space, so no investigative reporting, please.

How can I contribute?
We want this to be an open and inclusive process. We will be in early (and consistent) talks with folks from each and every department. We truly want this to be your space. (Yes, that means more conference rooms, huddle spaces, and places for our entire company to gather.) We’ll be asking for departmental input on everything from seating configurations to the type of chairs we order.

This calls for a staff happy hour in Rosslyn, right?
You bet. Mark your calendars for this coming Thursday, June 19. Details to follow.

Thanks for your great patience throughout this process. We’ll be sending more regular updates as the space project goes into full swing.