Interim No Longer, Director of Andy Warhol Museum, Eric Shiner, Made Permanent

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh once again has a permanent captain piloting the ship. You might recall that the museum world was caught a bit off guard back in December when its director of fourteen years, Tom Sokolowski, announced that he was stepping down right away. There were some initial speculations and rumors as to why he’d made such a quick exit, but it turned out to be very tame: he was simply leaving after he’d decided it was time to move on. The museum scrambled, and by the end of that same month had put curator Eric Shiner in as an interim director. He clearly must have done well in his seven months in the role, as the museum has just announced that his director gig is now permanent. Here’s Shiner’s statement:

“I am honored to be named the director of an institution that is as dynamic as the city it calls home, the dedicated staff that propels it, and the supportive board and the public who cherish it. Having started my career in the art world here at The Warhol as an intern 17 years ago, it both humbles and excites me to be given the honor of promoting Andy Warhol and his legacy while doing my part to help The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museums, and Pittsburgh shine.”