Interesting Findings from iFixit’s Zune HD Teardown

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Some tech commentators have torn apart the Zune HD’s app story. simply tore it apart piece by piece…

Microsoft Zune HD Teardown

Here’s a couple of interesting items found or noted by iFixit…

– The zune is 35% lighter than an iPod touch
– A written message on the side of the Zune HD reads “hello from seattle”
– There’s no warranty voiding warning on the Zune’s outside surface
– The Zune HD appears to be easier to service than the iPod touch
– There is a written message on the inside that reads ” For our princess”
– The SIPORT HD Radio receiver supports AM, FM, HD Radio, Microsoft MSN Direct Data Services and Weather Band {Now, that’s interesting!}
– The Zune HD battery has a smaller capacity battery than the iPod touch but promises a longer run time
– Foxconn manufactures both the Zune HD and Apple’s iPods