Interesting Facts About Rovio and Their Hit Angry Birds Game

I had never heard of game developer Rovio until their phenomenal Angry Birds and assumed, wrongly as it turns out, that Angry Birds was the team’s first product. provides some of Rovio’s background story based on a presentation by Rovio;s CEO at a recent conference.
Angry Birds CEO: “We really have Apple to thank”
Here’s a few key facts I learned about Rovio. Some of this may surprise you as much as it surprised me.
1. Founded in 2003
2. Angry Birds is their 52nd title
3. Angry Birds was developed by a team also developing other products at the same time
4. The game was developed by 12 people
5. The game took about 8 months to develop
Finally, Angry Birds Rio (a movie tie-in) will be released in a few weeks and new Angry Bird games will be released this summer.