Interesting Conversion Rate Metrics from Adobe Students Facebook Campaign

As more marketers evaluate the Facebook marketing landscape, new data from a recent Adobe educational software awareness campaign sheds light on Facebook Page campaign performance.

Adobe created a game called “Real or Fake” on their Facebook Page that challenged users to determine whether a photo was real or edited with Adobe’s flagship Photoshop product. At the end of the game, users were presented with information about student editions of Adobe Software and 3 calls to action: 1) “Buy Now”, 2) “Play Again” and 3) “Share” the game with others. The game was up for one month, and supported by a Facebook Social Ads buy.

The results?

  • 10% of Page visitors played the game. This was before the page redesign, so marketers could expect this to be higher if they default the campaign landing tab to a specific game or experience.
  • Of those who played, 6% clicked the “Share” button at the end of the game, and 6% clicked the “Buy Now” button at the end of the game. (No data was shared on actual purchase conversion rate.)
  • The Adobe Students page got 6,000 new fans during the campaign.

The Adobe case is a good example of how marketers can create appropriate content and engaging experiences, without (hopefully) breaking the bank.