Interead to Release COOL-ER 3G eReader in Mid 2010

COOL-ER bluered.gif

Opinions on the COOL-ER eReader–you know, the one that comes in lots of colors and showed up at BEA 2009 with swimsuit models–are mixed. Some say it’s light and sexy, some say it’s flimsy and clunky. One constant complaint, however, has been its lack of wireless connectivity and instant download capabilities–for roughly the same $250, you can get a Kindle or a Nook with their robust, 3G-connected download stores. Well, Miami-based Interead, the makers of COOL-ER, has plans to add those two features on a new model in mid-2010.

On Tuesday, Interead and AT&T announced a partnership through which the COOL-ER 3G would operate on the AT&T 3G network. The upcoming model will also have Wi-Fi capabilities and will connect to COOLER-EBOOKS.COM, Interead’s online bookstore. Additionally, Interead has struck a deal with NewspaperDirect to make 1,300 newspapers and magazines available to COOL-ER users.

This is necessary catch-up for the COOL-ER, but the eReader still lacks the most attractive features–such as Amazon’s relatively tried and tested device, Nook’s cool duel screen–of its competitors. The price for the COOL-ER 3G has not been announced.