InterAir Media Adds Airport Signage 

InterAir Media got off the ground three years ago by trying to wrap ads on airplanes. While the startup landed some work, it realized plane wraps were not the future. “I found out if we just focused on media planning and buying for an airport, it’s a much larger market, plus there’s a huge void in the market for it,” explains Drew Stoddard, InterAir Media CEO and founder.

The foray into the world of aviation advertising and marketing is paying off. Sales have consistently doubled since the company began, Stoddard says, “which leads me to think we’re doing something right.”

InterAir’s grand plan is to aggregate all possible ad spaces and vendors at every major U.S. airport and create a brand “path” from the airport entrance to check-in and onto the airplane. It hopes to reach consumers through multiple touch points on the ground and in the air, from the moment someone buys a plane ticket to the time he or she lands. One of InterAir Media’s big pushes is to try to integrate short codes into its airport ads in order to start tracking with its clients, Stoddard says.

(Of course, Clear Channel and other major OOH companies already control inventory at many top airports, and don’t plan to give up those contracts anytime soon.)

InterAir Media is building a team at its base in West Palm Beach, Fla., and in New York. The
agency has a presence in 10 airports, including Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York, and clients have included, Bank of America, Capital One and Wyndham Worldwide.

The program involved wrapping 36 kiosks at check-ins and four large wall wraps at Las Vegas’ airport. An AT&T campaign used in-flight magazine and video on United flights, as well as dioramas, spectaculars, wall wraps and executive lounge video in airports in Los Angeles and Chicago.